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When Warren Buffett, recognized as one of the world’s most influential leaders in wealth creation says, “Buy real estate now,” it pays to listen! The world’s wealthiest individuals all have property investments as part of their income portfolios. They know investing in property is one of the most successful paths to increasing net worth. With Results Based Property, you will receive the same level of expertise, research, and quality of service that these wealth leaders. 

Financial Security

The old adage that “those who fail to plan, plan to fail” is a definitely true when it comes to retirement. Estate planning is crucial to secure financial independence. By taking advantage of even one property investment opportunity, your financial future can improve substantially. RBP will develop a program that identifies your needs and offers personalized solutions.


Property investment offers the flexibility to suit investors at every level of experience and risk comfort. On an average, real estate has been shown to be a more stable investment platform when compared to investing in the stock market. With the right strategy from professional guidance, regular people can successfully achieve their financial goals through their property investments. Our RPB professionals are experts at developing and implementing individualized strategies for our clients. We make it possible for them to reap the all benefits available through property investment. 

Tax Reduction

There are unique tax reduction strategies that become available through owning income property. In addition to improved cash flow, rental properties have tax deductions, which can reduce an investor’s overall tax burden. Our professionals can guide you with current information the tax advantages of your specific investment options.

Australia's Opportunities

The Australian real estate market offers exceptional opportunities for wealth creation. Property investment has steadily produced positive returns of approximately 8% increase per year for decades. The country’s current and projected rental inventory is woefully short of demand, resulting in ever increasing in rent and property prices. Rental demand is projected to continue to outstrip available inventory. In an effort to alleviate this inventory shortage, the Australian government provides meaningful tax incentives for property investors. All of these factors add up to healthy returns investors who own property in Australia.

To Learn More

Results Based Properties are specialists in Australian investment property. We will help you define your objectives and create a strategy to accomplish the results you want. To learn about the variety of property investment options, contact us today. We will be happy to assist you.

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